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SY061 Hand Held Indicator

SY061 Hand Held Indicator

TEDS Compatible Indicator

  • Transducer Electronic Datasheet (TEDS) recognition
  • Data logging available with up to 8,000 events store
  • USB communications (optional on base model)
  • Menu operation with real word prompts 


The SY061 is a portable 5/6 digit load meter capable of displaying a millivolts signal from a load cell, torque transducer or other types of transducer. The signal output can also be converted and displayed in many other units such as Newton, kg, lbs. KN, Nm etc. If the unit of measurement is not pre-loaded, there is a programmable facility. 

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  • Stores calibration of up to 10 load cells.  TEDS tare values also stored
  • Wide range of measurement units including N, Kg, kN, t, Nm, mm, in etc. & a user programmable with 2-characters
  • Up to 45 hours battery life from standard AA batteries 






Supply Voltage

2.4 vDC



Input Sensitivity


Excitation Voltage

4.95 vDC



Conversion Rate

0.1 to 470 per second

Peak Hold

10 m/sec


640 m/sec

Current Consumption

20 mA (no transducer)






TEDS calibration to IEEE1451.4 standard or by known load, mV/V plus fine adjusts. Up to 10 set ups can be stored


6 Digit LCD


Kg, te, N, KN, lbs, Nm, mm & 1 programmable

Communications Options

USB, baud rate 115K

Operating Temperature

-20 to +80 deg C


ABS plastic, IP65 sealing. Dimensions; W 101.6mm x L 190.5mm x H 35mm


7 pin Binder type 680


Available Downloads

Dimensions; W 101.6mm x L 190.5mm x H 35mm


  •  Aluminium transit case. Product code SY061Store
  • Protective rubber boot. Product code SY061-Boot
  •  Leather bound case with clear window, enables use while the SY061 is protected. Product code SY061Case-Leather
  • SY061 Digital Indicator
  • 2x AA Batteries 
  • Protective vinyl zipped cover

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