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9860 Panel Mount Meter

9860 Panel Mount Meter

High Bandwidth Digital Panel Meter

  • Digital set up with FAST DIRECT analogue output 
  • Rugged aluminum housing 
  • 5 Digit Bi-polar display 
  • Optional data logging & viewing software


The 9860 is a high bandwidth panel mounted digital display. The 9860 offers direct analogue output by by-passing the A/D converter to offer 1000Hz bandwidth

The 9860 also offers built- in, automatic self calibration for any load cell with a TEDS chip 

  • 1000Hz bandwidth 
  • Internal resolution of +/- 32,268 counts
  • Sample conversion rate of 230 samples / sec. 
  • Self calibrates with any TEDS equiped load cell 


Please see specifications for dimensional information 

  • Plexiglass bench top tilt stand 
  • Bench top enclosure with bayonet sensor connector 
  • High level +/-5 or +/- 10V input 
  • TSA-101 9-pin screw type connector 
  • System set up or full system calibration when supplied with an Interface load cell 
  • Voltage & mA input versions available with TEDS
  • Windows compatible data logging, viewing and setup software


  • 9860 Indicator 
  • Power cable 

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