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9840-400 Intelligent Indicator

9840-400 Intelligent Indicator

4 Channel Calibration Grade Indicator

  • 4 Channels as standard
  • 2x 7" Colour displays
  • +/- 999,999 display count 
  • 24 bit Internal resolution 
  • USB 2.0 serial output 
  • Auto setup for multiple load cells 

The 9840-400 Intelligent indicator is the latest development of Interface Inc's popular 9840 calibration grade device.

The 9840 has been bought bang upto date, meaning  it still the portable, intelligent, calibration grade display for the discerning engineer. New features such as 24-bit internal resolution, auto set for multiple load cells and 4 channels as standard mean this is a serious upgrade on the 9840

Features such as auto setup; auto zero; front panel and remote tares and USB 2 port with Windows compatible data logging software ensure that the 9840 remains accurate, yet easy to use

A choice of display unit conversions means that the 9840-400 can be used for measurement of force, reaction torque or pressure   


Available Downloads

Further features include 
  • USB output to Windows OC with data logging software supplied
  • Multiple display unit conversions 
  • +/- 10vDC scaleable analogue output - 16 bit
  • 8 selectable digital filters
  • Remote sense excitation  

Available Downloads

  • 431.8 mm x 133.35 mm x 254mm
  • Weight 4.08kgs
  • 115v or 230v power supply 
  • Display Freeze / Remote display Freeze 
  • 4-20mA analogue output
  • Quad Limits
  • RS485
  • Multi drop RS232
  • 7 pin circular load cell connector 
  • Encoder channel
  • Keylock 
  • High level input channel
  • 9840-400 Calibration grade indicator Indicator 

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