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3400 Series,ATEX

3400 Series,ATEX

ATEX Approved Load Cells & Load Pins


  •       ATEX approved Load Pins, Beam Type & Low Profile load cells
  •       All stainless steel construction
  •       IP68 Environmental protection
  •       Internally amplified output to 4-20mA, loop powered
  •       Explosion protection, for use in hazardous environments


The 3400 series is a range of load pins, low profile load cells and compression beam load cells that are specifically designed to be ATEX approved for use in hazardous environments such as oil or gas fields.

The complete 3400 range is based on already successful Interface products but feature loop powered intrinsically safe amplified outputs. Shielded internal amplifiers are also used for extra low emissions and to minimize EMI susceptibility 

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  • CE Certified
  • Explosion protection by Intrinsic Safety (approval pending) per ATEX designation: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4
  • Internally amplified 4-20 mA output, loop-powered
  • Unipolar (T or C) or bipolar (T and C)


The 3400 series is available in a range of load pins, low profile, column and compression beam load cells with full stainless steel construction.  A wide range of capacities is offered with a choice of universal or compression only devices. Please down load the data sheet for full details

Available Downloads

The 3400 series includes several types of force transducers, please down load the data sheet for complete information 


  • Integral cable or choice of connector(s)
  • Standardised output
  • ID Chip or TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • Special thread sizes
  • Enhanced performance characteristics
  • Special fittings
  • Mechanical adaptations
  • A2LA accredited calibration
  • Display electronics or data acquisition
  • Your load cell or load pin
  • Mating connector when required
  • NIST traceable, multi point calibration certificate

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